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If you’ve passed by the Farm lately you’ll notice that the livestock guardian dogs, Rainier, Olympus, Tessa and Spice are enjoying the Dog Days of Summer and doing what they love best – working! Vicky and John McGarrity have recently sent them to watch over the baby goats and sheep as they harvest the fields of luscious grass. ‘Dog Days’, named by the Romans, refers to the seasonal overhead positioning of the ‘canine’ constellation Sirius corresponding to the hot, sultry and humid conditions of the season and requiring more time out of the sun and under the cover of shade. But, notice those Mirama watchdogs! Throughout the day they meander protectively amongst the herd, eyeing the sky for hawks and eagles, trotting alongside the fence line to check out walkers and joggers, and, at times, finding shade to rest.

It’s not the same for the fantastic team of agriculture workers that Brian McWhorter has working the fields, though. While they intend to avoid the peak of the heat by starting early and breaking mid-day, it isn’t always possible. The work of a farmer this time of year requires heroic efforts to get the product to market when it is ready – resulting in the freshest and best produce possible. The Heyday Farm Store sells the ‘fruits’ of this effort – local, sustainable, fabulous – thanks to the hard work of his dedicated employees who believe in the importance of a healthy local food economy.

So, come see what we have for you on our shelves at the Heyday Farm Store, during these Dog Days, and if you see them, thank our farm workers – both human and canine!

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