Special Ingredients

As Thanksgiving approaches, remember that every ingredient is a special ingredient. In planning your feast please look at our fresh list to see what we have available and see our Thanksgiving recipes page for ideas on how to prepare these items. We will also have turkey stock for sale at our farm store this week. Whether you’re looking for the best collard greens recipe imaginable, or you are trying to decide whether to brine your turkey, we are here to help.

While our recipes are not complicated, like adding bacon and a touch of honey to carrots, simple recipes highlight the natural goodness of fresh food produced through a healthy ecosystem. And simple recipes ease some of the stress of cooking many items in one day–something most of us only do once a year, if that. 

We also adhere to the idea that fat is not a problem in a whole and healthy diet. That’s why our mashed potato recipe is so darn perfect (think butter and sour cream and milk and salt and pepper). Couple that with delicious varieties of potatoes grown in our very own soil and you have a winning combination.

The hope is that this thoughtful day of cooking and eating and giving thanks will inspire you the rest of the year round to cook simply and deliciously from scratch with ingredients found close to home. Eating locally also makes you realize and value the special ingredients that come from farther afield. 

Featured Items

UPDATE ON WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 25th: If you don’t quite have your turkey, it’s your lucky day! We have some left–around 12 pound birds and around 20 pounds birds. These are the Standard Bronze pasture-raised and fed organic grains that are soy free and gmo free. They are fresh, not frozen. We prepare them right on the farm the Monday before Thanksgiving. The light meat is beautifully light and the dark meat is beautifully dark–dramatically different from the turkeys found at the grocery store. $8.50/lb.

See our fresh list for other Thanksgiving feast items to be had.

Our Farm Store at Lynwood Center on Bainbridge Island is open year-round, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (We are closed Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving.)

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Upcoming Events

Join us for an upcoming event or schedule your own. We also have lovely rooms for rent both on the farm and at Lynwood Center above our Farm Store. We offer a stunning location and the freshest, local and seasonal food around. See all our offerings here.