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Our remodel is near completion and the shelves are being stocked with exciting new items from regional producers. Beginning Tuesday July 26 Heyday Farm Store will be open six days each week! “What’s for Dinner?” never seemed so easy with our continued commitment to Heyday Farm fresh vegetables, wonderful eggs, meats and cheeses, and the addition of many new products. We want to thank all our loyal customers, traveling visitors, and extended community for their patience while the dust was flying and the saws were singing! Stop in to have a look, say hello and enjoy!


Heyday Farm knows that “we are what we eat”. Sustainable and ecologically responsible food is key to both our individual health and our community’s well being. Heyday Farm is committed to expanding your options to both eat and ‘do’ well. We hope to provide a variety of locally produced foods directly off our fields on the South End of Bainbridge Island, and to be an outlet for other like-minded food and commissary producers in the region. Heyday Farm is an ‘all in’ entity with four operators committed to the same outcome by providing creamery, produce, poultry, learning experiences and sundries under one umbrella. Our operators are individual entrepreneurs experimenting with a new business model that we hope could be replicated by other small farm owners. We know that wholistic pasture management and optimum productivity is viable, and in order to succeed, the Pre-World War II ‘family farm’ can be, in many cases, organized creatively to adapt to the challenges of the 21st Century. We are making an effort to counter the negative externalities of agribusiness as it has developed in the last 70 years, and to design a sustainable business model encompassing environmentally responsible farming practices with sustainable financial allocation. By supporting local farmers, such as those at Heyday Farm, we are showing how we can ensure that ‘what we eat’ also represents ‘who we are’ as a community.

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